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2000% United HYIP League
2000% royalearn
2000% trusted-dollars-maker
2000% ApexBinary LTD
0% ExcellentROI
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Top 10 Monitored:
trusted-dollars-maker 370 days
United HYIP League 253 days
royalearn 251 days
ApexBinary LTD 244 days
Como Credit 226 days
3-business 223 days
finmutual 203 days
inv 143 days
ogdenorganization 104 days
In India Limited 100 days

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Sep 18th, 2014
super-fx WAITING
120% After 1 Day / 175% After 3 Days . Good Profit
euroforexteam WAITING
130% after 1day, 195% after 3days, 330% after 7days, 600% after 15days
Sep 17th, 2014
2.6% daily for 90 days, 2.8% daily for 90 days, 3.0% daily for 90 days
Sep 15th, 2014
investperhour WAITING
102% after 1 hour
Sep 12th, 2014
everydayprofit PAYING
2.5% daily for 90 days 2.75% daily for 90 days 3% daily for 90 days 300% After 15 days
2fxltd WAITING
8% Daily for 25 calendar days
goldloanfinancing WAITING
Up 2.5% daily, principal back
shopfund SCAM
2.05-3.00% daily

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